Charleston Rice Bead Necklaces - Metallics

We fell in love with this vintage-inspired rice bead jewelry, drawing from the rice trade history that helped to define Charleston, S.C.

These rice beads necklaces are reminiscent of accessories worn during the popular flapper fashion era - and can be layered together with other colors. Additionally, you can double and triple layer the necklace to customize this statement piece. Each necklace measures five feet in length from end to end.

Charleston Rice Bead necklace metallic colors include: Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver, Rose Gold and Gunmetal. **NEW for Spring - the multi-hued Rainbow Row Charleston Rice Bead Necklace. Each one varies slightly from the next - beautiful piece for the season!

These textured chains are a revival of a vintage, flapper style necklace that can be worn doubled, tripled or layered together with other colors and finishes. Brass chain plated in a high-grade, 14k gold finish, made in the U.S.

Pair with a few stacked rice bead bracelets on your arm, and you're all ready for a day or night on the town - Charleston style!

This Charleston Rice Bead jewelry arrives with its own drawstring bag so you can store conveniently - whether you're at home or on the go. These rice bead necklaces and matching bracelets and earrings are all designed in Charleston, and made in the USA.

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