The South survives Hurricane Matthew with true Southern charm

Hurricane Matthew 2016

Photo as seen on WYFF News 4, Greenville, SC

Hurricane Matthew roared its way up the Southeastern coast this past weekend, leaving behind in its wake lots of broken trees, damage to homes and buildings, and loss of power for hundreds of thousands of people.

And while the people returning to our beloved coast lines today might arrive to find more damage than they'd hoped, or tons of debris to clean up, what we saw unfolding over the course of the three-day storm was true Southern hospitality.

Families throwing open their doors on a moment's notice to welcome friends and relatives fleeing the storm's path. Schools, churches, and civic centers working overtime to set up shelters for people to stay safe while the hurricane passed through. Cities across the Southeast welcoming an influx of visitors, trying to make them feel comfortable in a time weighted heavily with worry for the unknown.

We pride ourselves in the South for our hospitality, and no storm on the planet would stop Southerners from helping one another out in a time of crisis. As some of us would say, "It's nothing biscuits and gravy can't fix." 

And it's in the times of the darkest catastrophes that we often see the best in Southern hospitality shine through. 

Thank you to all of the first responders, the power line technicians, the weather forecasters and volunteers who tirelessly banded together, arm in arm, to help keep the coast lines as safe as possible. 

As bad as the storm was, we all know it could've been much, much worse. We're grateful the beautiful Southern coastal cities spanning Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina were spared.  

Today, the sun is out, there's a crisp fall feel in the air. And we all breathe a collective sigh of relief. 



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