Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Don't Forget About Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving hostess gifts - Only Southern Made

With Christmas looming large on our calendars, it's easy to overlook Thanksgiving. But it, too, will be here before we know it! A day to pause, give thanks, and celebrate the holiday season with our friends and family.

Don't show up to that Thanksgiving feast empty-handed though. Only Southern Made creative director Lindsay Chastain says, "Even if you've been to their house 1,000 times, you take your hosts a small gift when they invite you over for Thanksgiving. It can be as simple as taking their favorite bottle of wine in a cute wine tote bag, or a beautifully-scented candle. It really is the thought that counts."

Here are a few things you could take to your Thanksgiving dinner to show your hosts' how grateful you are for them. And if YOU'RE the only hosting Thanksgiving this year? Well, then kudos to you! Hopefully one of these cute gifts will make their way to you, as well!

Wine tote bag, $14.99

Bring your Thanksgiving hosts their favorite bottle of wine in a cute wine tote bag, like this one that says, "Thankful for you and Wine!" 

Thanksgiving wine tote bag - Only Southern Made

Beverage napkins, $5.95

Add to your gift some fun beverage napkins with a Thanksgiving theme, like these that say, "Talk Turkey to Me." 

Thanksgiving napkins - Only Southern Made

Seasonal candles, $14 - $28

Help your hosts invite the scents of fall into their home with a seasonally-scented soy candle, like Pumpkin Harvest or Cinnamon Apple Cider

Seasonal candles from Only Southern Made

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

 (Already looking ahead to Christmas? We've got some great Christmas gift ideas from the South, up now in our blog. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide series now to find more gifts from the south people will love!). 

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