How to throw an Oscar party fit for the stars

We have a story to tell you. It involves our creative director, Lindsay, and her passion for Oscar Sunday. According to Lindsay, it is her jam!

Lindsay's love of Oscar night started in college when she became obsessed with the movie, Titanic. Even though she was a broke college kid - and could only afford chips and salsa as appetizers - she insisted on throwing her first ever Oscar Party.

The piece de resistance was her Iceberg centerpiece, made with blue Jell-O and whipped cream "icebergs." 

Needless to say, her hosting skills have improved over time - and her love of Oscar
night has only grown. Her twins were even born on Oscar Sunday!

Here are some tips on how to make a smooth sailing (pun intended) event:

  • Think Themes - Offer appetizers that feature Best Picture nominee themes. Use the movie title, location and subject matter as inspiration. (For example, when Blindside was nominated, Lindsay served BBQ sliders, cheekily named "Blind-sliders" because it was set in Memphis, TN, home of BBQ.)
  • Get Everyone Involved - Print out voting ballots for everyone and offer a prize for the winner.
  • Keep Calm and Think Champagne - You can never have too much champagne!

Get creative & have fun with it and your guests will too! Happy Oscar Sunday, everyone!

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