Farewell, Harper Lee

If you're a fan of modern American literature, you may have heard that Harper Lee recently passed away.

The author of the widely known To Kill A Mockingbird, Lee once said that she wanted to be known as the Jane Austen of south Alabama.* 

I read this article from the Bitter Southerner and fell in love with this phrase over the weekend:

"She taught us the South is almost hopelessly confounding, difficult to figure out, full of dualities."

It's so true. At Only Southern Made, we focus on celebrating the Southern lifestyle - but sometimes it's challenging to pinpoint. It's a moving target that combines pride, passion, humor, history and other strong emotions that are so interconnected they are often hard to specify.

Since Mondays are often a day of channeling inspiration back into projects we are revisiting after the weekend, I thought I'd share these 10 powerful quotes by Harper Lee, from Entrepreneur magazine.

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*Editor's Note: We think her work stands on its own merits, not comparable to others.

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