Denver vs. Carolina - themed party ideas for Super Bowl Sunday


Who are you rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday?

Do you attend Super Bowl parties to watch the commercials with your friends or to eat some yummy food?! 

According to the great Martha Stewart, Super Bowl menus should contain items that are easy to snack on and be made ahead of time, so that everyone can enjoy the game. That's why chicken wings, deviled eggs and chips and dip are staples.

Themed food and décor is always a fun way to liven up ordinary fare, so we enlisted the help of our creative director, Lindsay C., to see what she would whip together for the big day.

For Denver Broncos fans, we put the following together.

Menu: Cowboy Chili and Devils on Horseback (fancy name for bacon-wrapped dates stuff with cheese - you're welcome!)

Adult Beverages: There are tons of local breweries that are based in Colorado. If you want to represent and "drink local" then that would be an easy choice. However, for those in the mood for something a big different, we found the recipe to a Broncos-themed tequila shot! (If you try this at home, let us know how it goes!)

Playlist: In honor of the Denver Broncos, we found this playlist that features artists from the great state of Colorado!

Perhaps you will be cheering for the Carolina Panthers? If so, this is for you:

Menu: Carolina Pulled Pork sandwiches and pimento cheese dip served with an assortment of bite-sized bread and crackers.

Adult Beverages: If you're a fan of blue curaçao, then today is your lucky day. There are a plethora of drink options, like the Abominable Snowman, that feature this blue liquor. However, we'd love to try this Moonshine Mint Julep recipe.

Playlist: We found this ultimate Panthers play list that features a variety of North Carolina artists. 

Also, whether you are attending or hosting, don't forget to dress the part! Sport your game day colors, from your boots to your jewels. Have fun!!

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