Wedding Wednesday - Will you be my bridesmaid?

We all know we've heard some pretty crazy stories when it comes to "popping the question."

Engagement stories can be legendary.

But what about the bridesmaids? The girls who will stand by your side on your most memorable day?

From custom wine labels to coffee mugs - and everything in between - the bride-to-be can be as creative as she wants when creating gifts for the bridesmaids in her life.

As we are curating a collection of fun and sassy goods to host in our online offering, we're wondering:

What are some things you need to think through in order to ask someone to be a bridesmaid these days? Perhaps:

  • Wedding theme
  • Colors
  • Favorite places to visit
  • Fun memories

Stay tuned for more wedding day musts from Only Southern Made, where we help you to: Embrace the lifestyle.

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