3 reasons to give a candle for Christmas

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This time of year, our home is filled with a familiar scent my family loves. Frasier fir needles!

While we do have a real tree that has that wonderful "Christmas tree" scent, we also like to have four to five candles burning - to extend the Christmas spirit to other rooms in our household.

As the calendar gets closer and closer to Dec. 25, I know many are scrambling to find a perfect stocking stuffer for a teacher, loved one or neighbor. Here are three reasons why a candle would be a good fit:

  • Candles are easily customizable - Whether your friend loves trips to the beach or enjoys sitting by an old-fashioned campfire, you can find a candle made just for that experience.
  • Candles can celebrate your hometown - The OSM team has been testing a variety of "state-themed" candles that add elements familiar to specific states. With a Mississippi-themed candle, you can send a gift that celebrates the scent of magnolias to someone who was born and raised there.
  • Candles are affordable - Not ready to wrap a red bow around a brand new car this holiday season? Relax. Even the most luxurious candle is guaranteed not to break your bank. This means, more to go around in the stockings this year!

Only Southern Made has started receiving candles as part of our own inventory - which will be available in early 2016. Until then, we'll have to just add them to our personal gift guide list, while hoping we receive a few under the tree from family and friends!


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